What exactly does that “check engine” light mean on your Lexus dashboard? Our service team will explain the basics, but please don’t ignore it. While it may not be a pressing matter, you should have an experienced service technician at Lexus of Chester Springs diagnose it to be sure. Even if it’s a small issue, it’s usually easier to resolve a minor problem before it becomes major, and it’s worth the short drive from Chesterbrook, PA.

What does it mean? The check engine light simply means that the on-board diagnostic system has detected a problem in the emissions, exhaust, fuel, or ignition systems. It could be just a loose gas cap or a more significant problem, like bad spark plugs, or a failing catalytic converter.

What if the Check Engine Light Stays On?

That’s even more of a good reason to see the professionals at the Lexus of Chester Springs Service Center soon, especially if you live in a community like nearby Downingtown, PA. Before you visit, make note of what’s happening. Issues that may accompany a "check engine" light include:

  • Rough idling
  • Poor acceleration
  • Engine not starting
  • Engine shakes at idle

Sometimes there may not be any issues that accompany a check engine light. If your Lexus is running well, but the light is still on as you drive through West Chester, PA, come get it checked soon.

Simple Things to Try

We recommend a few basic things before you resume driving around Valley Forge, PA.

  • Check the gas cap. If the cap is loose, tighten it until you hear it click. Remember that it can take up to a week for the engine light to reset.
  • Check engine oil level. When the engine is cool, open the hood, pull the dipstick and wipe it clean. Reinsert it and remove it to read the engine oil level. It should be between the Min and Max marks.
  • Allow the engine to cool down and check the engine coolant level.

The Safest Response: See the Service Experts at Lexus of Chester Springs

Whenever your Lexus check engine light comes on, make an appointment with the experienced Lexus service professionals at Lexus of Chester Springs right away. Whether you live here in Chester Springs or in nearby King of Prussia, PA, call on us today so we can check out that check engine light and make sure your Lexus sedan or SUV serves you as reliably as it was designed to do.

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