Your Lexus will know experience harsh conditions, as soon as the weather turns in West Chester and King of Prussia. With those cold temperatures comes treacherous roads. The last thing you want is to be driving through Chesterbrook and have a confrontation with a patch of ice. We assure you, ending up in a snowbank is not fun. Be prepared for Old Man Winter by checking your tires before he arrives. Lexus of Chester Springs has some tips to ensure your tires hold up when the seasons change.

The key to surviving the winter roads of Valley Forge is tread depth. Finding out if you need new tires or not could only cost you a penny. Have you put your Lexus to the test yet? Its called the penny test, and it's a guaranteed way to discover if you need new tires or if you can get through the winter with the ones you have. Let us explain.

Your tire tread is vital when it comes to getting the best grip on the Downingtown road in dangerous conditions. So, to test it out, take a penny. Sit Abraham Lincoln upside down inside one of the grooves. If the top of his is covered, you are in good shape. However, if the top of his head is exposed, your tires are likely less than 2/32nd of an inch, and it is time to visit the tire experts at Lexus of Chester Springs. Our team in Chester Springs, PA, is fully stocked with the right tires for your Lexus or luxury vehicle. So, they know which fits best for your need.

When your tires have low tread, it can lead to a host of other longer-term problems, then just ending up on the side of the road in a snowstorm. When your tires are worn, they can't properly grip the road, which can cause some slippage. This also puts added strain on your Lexus. Don't take your tires for granted this winter. Let Abraham Lincoln tell you whether you need to visit the professionals at Lexus of Chester Springs. No one understands the needs of your Lexus like our tire experts.

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